Rockpool Sydney Sommelier Gianmattia Giordano

Introducing Rockpool Sydney Sommelier, Gianmattia Giordano

Head Sommelier of Rockpool Bar & Grill Sydney Gianmattia Giordano hails from Bologna, Italy, where gastronomy is akin to religion. Gian arrived in Australia fuelled by a desire to share his rich cultural heritage, and a curiosity to immerse himself in Sydney’s vibrant culinary scene.

His career in Australia began on the floor of a French bistro in Potts Point, run by former Rockpool luminaries. It was here that Gian discovered his passion for wines. “The world of wine is vast,” Gian explains. “Each bottle tells a story of terroir, tradition, and the craft of winemaking. Working at the bistro introduced me to the regions of France and beyond, igniting a lifelong passion.”

After three enriching years, Gian moved to Rockpool Bar & Grill in Perth, stepping into the role of Head Waiter. Surrounded by an extensive collection of fine wines and a team of skilled sommeliers, he was inspired to further his pursuit in the world of wine.

His dedication continued and led him back to Sydney, where he embraced the role of Junior Sommelier at Rockpool. He dedicated himself to professional development, obtaining certifications from the Court of Master Sommeliers and earning recognition as Australia’s Best Young Sommelier in 2023. He was then presented the opportunity to represent the country at the World Championships in Slovenia, placing in the top 3 for World’s Best Young Sommelier. “It was an incredible recognition,” Gian recalls. “And only fortified my desire to continue educating myself.”

Throughout his career, Gian remains thankful for the continuous support from Rockpool, highlighting the role of mentorship and teamwork, particularly from the sommeliers that came before him. “At Rockpool, we’re more than a team; we’re contributing to a legacy,” Gian notes. “It’s about creating moments that linger long after the last sip or bite.”