David Blackmore

Rockpool Bar & Grill beefs up menu with rare breed from David Blackmore

Monday, 23 November 2020: Rockpool Bar & Grill Perth is adding to the menu for the first time a rare breed of beef that rivals Wagyu and is sourced exclusively from iconic farmer David Blackmore.

Available in extremely limited quantities and served nowhere else in Australia other than Rockwool Bar& Grill in Sydney, Rohne is a new Blackmore breed of secret genetic make-up, that comes from a small herd in Victoria. Rohne has a marble score of 9+, the same as Wagyu.

The first cuts will hit Rockpool’s famed wood-fired grill from Wednesday, 25 November The plan is for Rockpool Perth to receive one carcass of Rohne each month, which will be aged in-house.

The cuts that are added to the menu will vary daily depending on the carefully monitored and precise dry-aging process, which identifies when individual cuts are at their absolute peak.

The Rockpool-Blackmore relationship extends back over 25 years, with Rockpool Bar & Grill Sydney and Melbourne the exclusive recipient of another rare Blackmore breed, Mishima, and all three Rockpool restaurants receiving Blackmore’s full-blood Wagyu.

Rockpool Bar & Grill Executive Chef Corey Costelloe said it is a privilege to have exclusive access to such a remarkable breed, which is steeped in secrecy and born of world-class farming innovation.

“David Blackmore won’t even tell Rockpool chefs exactly what Rohne is. Even the animal’s feed is a secret, “Chef Corey said.

“We are incredibly pleased to continue to work so closely with David, who is the pinnacle of what good animal husbandry is all about, and arguably Australia’s most innovative beef farmer.

”While Rohne matches Wagyu’s marble score of 9+, it is less rich in flavour than Wagyu due to the intermuscular fat, or marbling, having a higher melting point.

“Those who prefer a steak with less buttery intensity, a cleaner flavour, but the same tenderness as Wagyu will appreciate Rohne,” Chef Corey said.

Rockpool Bar & Grill Perth Head Chef Ludovic Mulotsaidfillet and skirt would be added straight to the menu, with sirloin and rump most likely added the following week.

“We’re very excited to be in receipt of such world-class beef and to offer our guests something that they can’t find anywhere else in Western Australia,” Chef Ludovic said.

“It will be incredible to see how the different cut sage and to gradually add them to the menu as they hit their prime over the course of the month.”

Rohne joins a line-up of spectacular dry-aged beef on the Rockpool Perth menu, including the aforementioned David Blackmore full-blood Wagyu; Cape Grim 36-month-old, grass fed; Cape Grim 60-month-old, grass fed; CopperTree Farms 60-month-old, pasture-raised Friesian; and Blackwood Valley, 36-month-old, grass fed.

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